We color your world naturally, with nature's most colorful building material...Stone.

No man-made materials have ever come close.

From the Philippines.
Quarried and processed by Filipino hands.
Creativity by Filipino minds.

Our goal is to become the best manufacturer of innovative architectural coverings. Back these all up with long years of experience in the stone business... We deliver.

On time, on value, on target.


We love working with our hands and machines.
And our imagination.

We strive to be a team constantly inspired.
Dreaming.  Innovating.  Creating.


We invest a lot of time and resources, to bring new products you wouldn’t normally find in a catalog nor something out of a shelf.  We offer options.  This is what we do best.  To bring something new to what are traditionally accepted.  We provide alternatives.  We open a new world of possibilities.

Because of this, we are open-minded.  We listen to your dreams.

From an idea to the drawings,
to the prototypes,
to the production lines,
to your projects.

We have been in the stone business since 1979 as a small marble processing company initially catering to the local market.  In 1981, our plant moved to bigger grounds that now stands on a 7,000 m2 piece of land, about 10 kms north from the boundary of Metro Manila, in Meycauayan, Bulacan to become Marble Corporation of the Philippines (MACOP).

Investing on Italian and other European machineries and technologies, we began to expand.  By 1989, we were exporting quality marble tiles to the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Australia and other countries.

Color My World, Inc. became our new name in 1991 as we diversified into new products to suit our new vision.

We began to cut stones smaller, producing tesserae for decorative mosaics to what we call Stonescape series, paving the way to other innovations in tumbled and rough textured stone finishes.

In 2000, responding to the call for environmental responsibility, we began to embark on a zero-waste program.  Since then, we found ways to optimize all our raw materials while developing exciting new products for your homes and buildings.

Crushing stones into chips or aggregates from waste produced during regular marble processing, mixing and casting them with white cement or polyester resin, our Terrazzo and Terrex Stone lines were born.  We went further by recycling glass as well, turning  them into the novel Terrex Glass series.

Even the fillers (components mixed with resin and binders) are made of 100% recycled marble waste, fine-crushed powder and dried sludge.  From these fillers, we developed the Eco-Plaster, the Eco-Deco and our latest innovation, the Tierra Tiles.  Thus, achieving our goal for total zero-waste.

All proudly made in the Philippines! Gawang Pinoy ipinagmamalaki.


To God be the glory!