Cement Terrazzo Cast on Site

Cement Terrazzo Cast on Site

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Applications: Interior & Exterior

Colors: Limited to White Matrix & Select Colors Only

Seamless Area: 3 

Exterior Superiority

Cement Terrazzo is great for exterior applications as it color doesn't yellow unlike Epoxy Terrazzo. Dividers strips are recommended in 3 m² sections.

Built To Last

Poured-in-place Terrazzo is one of the most durable floor systems today. A seamless floor system reduces the number of grouts, which makes it easier to maintain compared to a tiled floor with grout joints. Terrazzo is one of the most cost-effective materials for your projects; residential, commercial, institutional, or industrial. You can trust it will last as long as the building. Over time the surface will become duller and look aged, but this can be removed by a deep clean, re-grind, and re-polish which will bring the Terrazzo back to near new.